Alnowair Graduates The First Cohort Of Its Young Women Leadership Initiative

Alnowair Graduates The First Cohort Of Its Young Women Leadership Initiative

Alnowair Graduates The First Cohort Of Its Young Women Leadership Initiative 1000 876 Sheikha Intisar AlSabah

Alnowair has launched the Young Women Leadership Initiative, a program that utilizes the transformative power of applied theatre to support young women across Kuwait to overcome personal, emotional, psychological, and social barriers that prevent them from reaching leadership positions. 

Throughout 2023/2024, the Initiative was rolled out in three high schools and one university in Kuwait, engaging 56 female students aged 14 to 25. It included four capacity building workshops, each lasting for nine days, four purposeful plays, three Board of Experts meetings, and one round table discussion. 

The initiative aims to raise a future generation of women leaders from Kuwait, who are not just educated, also equally confident, resilient, decisive, self-reliant, and influential.

It leverages the transformative power of applied theatre and integrates essential international frameworks, including the UN SDGs, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), the 4Cs of 21st-century learning, and emerging skills from the World Economic Forum.

The graduation ceremony was held under the patronage of Alnowair founder Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah at the American University of Kuwait in May 2024. It was attended by 400 guests, including members of the Royal Family, ambassadors, diplomats, representatives from the government, international agencies, founders of educational institutions, private sector executives, educators, and students and their parents. 

The Young Women Leadership Initiative was closely guided by the Board of Experts consists of its chair Sheikha Intisar AlSabah; Sheikha Bibi Al Sabah, URCs Chairperson, Gaja Kruchlik, Alnowair’s Director; Ali El Chalabi, Board Deputy Chairperson and Initiative Director; Dima Al Ansari, Alnowair’s Chief Executive Trainer; Dr. Bassam Shuhaibar, Alnowair’s External Affairs and Partnership Director; Dr. Louis Lamber, Researcher, Impact Measurement; Dr. Georges Chedid, Researcher – Impact Measurement; Dr. Tina Zubovic, Conference Director; Dr. Reham Alawadhi, Executive Trainer; Dareen Tawil, Educational and Empowerment Director, and Pascal Harfouche, Consultant. 

The initiative was supported by seven partners, including United Real Estate Co, Embassy of Netherlands Kuwait, American University of Kuwait, Universal American School of Kuwait, American United School of Kuwait, Al Ghanim Bilingual School, Ooredoo Kuwait, and American University of Kuwait.