The Lulua Group is a group of ambitious companies aiming to spread the positive and enhance optimism in the community. The group includes profit and non-profit companies headed by Sheikha Intisar Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah.

INTISARS is feelings of love expressed in gold… A perfect union between Arabian heritage and Italian craftsmanship. INTISARS takes inspiration from the simple things in life to create jewellery that serve as Meaningful Reminders of Love. Elegant and thoughtful, these are mementos that can express love that has so far only been felt…

Prismologie is a natural mood-enhancing beauty brand that harnesses the transformative power of colours. Inspired by colour psychology, Sheikha Intisar Co-Founded Prismologie with her daughter Sheikha Fatima AlSabah. Together they created an array of products for daily use that will help you embrace a renewed and improved state of mind.

Ebbarra is wearable poetry, rich with wisdom, truth and messages of love. It is an aspirational jewelry brand that connects the beauty of the Arabic language with the intricacies of Italian craftsmanship. Ebbarra has three deeply personal collections for the wearer’s Holy, soul and heart.

Lulua Production House was founded on the belief that art can transform and grow nations. It is a movie production company that focuses on innovative cinematic material created in Kuwait. The First Cinema Group is an incubator organisation founded as an extension to Lulua Production House.

Alnowair is a Kuwaiti nonprofit initiative driven to spread positivity founded by Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah in 2013. Alnowair envisions to bring about a social behavioral change in Kuwait through programs, campaigns and activities that promote positivity as a way of life and means to finding fulfillment and lasting happiness.

Bareec is the educational arm of Alnowair that aims at creating positive learning environments. Developed in collaboration with educational expertise, the programme has had remarkable positive social behavioural change amongst students through engaging curricula in schools and Kuwait University. Initially started as a pilot programme for 3 schools, it was so well received that it now works under the ‘New Kuwait’ governmental programme.

Lulua Publishing began as the Arab World’s only publishing house fully dedicated to the personal development genre. Established in 2011, all its publications provided readers with inspiring yet practical content that would aid their personal growth and well-being.

In 2018, in light of latest conflicts in the Middle East, Sheikha Intisar AlSabah started the Intisars Foundation, a UK charity born from her desire to present opportunities to Arab females affected by war. The foundation raises funds to help treat these women’s psychological trauma, to strengthen their resilience.