Scary success

Many are afraid of failure, but I get terrified whenever I feel that I am on the way to success! My fear of success stems from an inner feeling that I am not as good as I wish. It’s a feeling that I have to be better. Feeling that whatever I do will upset others

A helping hand

Criticism in Kuwait has become a kind of love. As for me, I believe that criticism or what some people do in their non-stop advice for their beloved, it does not express any kind of love but it is pure selfishness. I recently experienced difficulty in my French studies. The experience terrified me so much

Trip to perfection

I spend years seeking for perfection. Throughout those years I was not happy with myself or my work. During all those years, I did not do much because I was frustrated. What I wanted was preventing me from giving anything meaningful, because I was not able to produce what I thought was … perfect. I

Planning for happiness

A few years ago, I had enough with a lady that hurt me, so I thought a lot about revenge. After a week of thinking, I spoke to my sister and told her exactly what I intend to do. She looked at me and said calmly: “How do you feel of hurting her? and how

Ascension and life

  I arrived at the hotel with my traveler friends, our rooms were upstairs so we all decided to use the stairs. One of us complained that there were many floors and he hates stairs. Another middle-aged one was complaining that he is too old for walking upstairs. Another friend was happy because he could

Toxic brain and body

In some days I go to work at 9 am and finish after 7 pm and still feel energetic. Other days my energy is much less and I get tired faster. I was confused until I read that the energy of the body is great and hyper when we work on something we love and

My most beautiful moment

The broadcaster asked me when the film “Habib Al-Ard” was released about my most beautiful moment. I answered immediately ” The current moment, while I’m out of fear.” He laughed and asked me: “Do you like being scared?” I told him that I learned that I am only afraid when I am on the verge

The hidden slaps

  There are people believe that life is painful and pain is imposed on us to learn. as the saying says “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” For me, I see the pain is optional because we are all, without exception, when we take the wrong path, we have

First step is the start

A friend told me, in a telephone conversation, that she found me very brave, especially after I started to write articles about myself without fear of others’ opinions or criticisms. I was silent for a moment, thinking about what made me brave, then I remembered how I had started my “Antrah” (Braveness) path by a

Critic worst enemy is himself

A friend asked for my opinion about people who criticize. From personal experience, I told him that when I used to devote myself to criticize, I did not have the time to do anything because all I have done is to analyze people mistakes and think about what they should do. After analyzing their flaws,